Immortals - I have just finished reading Blue Moon by Alyson Noel. Which is the second book in The Immortals series. *takes in a deep breath* What? WHAT? You... Alyson... you nearly let Damen die. YOU nearly killed him. And you had my heart racing at that moment, but at the end I was quite disappointing because Ever didn't tell Damen about the new developments in their relationship and I really wanted to see his reaction. Also how will their relationship survive? They can even barely touch...I mean the physical contact is a big part of any relationship, and after four hundred years of not doing the deed...well what can I say, things are sure doing to get interesting.
Also that jerk Roman...interesting when he will make an appearance again. I hope sometime soon so that he gets his ass kicked.
All in all I enjoyed the book except for some certain moments that I did not enjoy at all but well the story can't exactly be completely perfect because there is no such a thing as perfection because everyone has their own tastes.