Sixteen years waiting for a single book...

Night World, No. 3 - L.J. Smith Night World, No. 1 - L.J. Smith Night World, No. 2 - L.J. Smith

As many of you are aware the tenth and final book of Night World series was supposed to be published in 1998 and as you all are aware it is 2014 now. Sixteen years... THIS BOOK HAS BEEN DELAYED FOR SIXTEEN FRIGGING YEARS. I decided to write about this because today I started to read Dark Visions trilogy by L.J.Smith, this bought memories of Night World and nearly my whole lifetime of waiting for the last book. I also today read that the supposed release date is 2030. I mean seriously? I will be old and not even interested in YA books. (I hope not because I love reading YA and paranormal fiction.) But still, my point is that this book should have come out in 1998 the release has been prolonged for far too long and there are many more Night World fans than Vampire Diaries book fans. (At least there was before we had the massive disappointment of waiting for one book to come out for sixteen years, however I'm still quite sure that many people will buy the book just to destroy it in a gruesome manner *sighs* I would never destroy a book like that even if I would be out of my mind) 


So my message is clear; L.J you really need to hurry up and finish the damn book, too many people are waiting for it and even if it will be the worst book anyone has ever read it still will be disclosure to those who have been waiting for nearly two decades for a single book. This was one of my favorite series but after waiting for so long...well it goes down the list quite quickly.